Donald Trump, Donald Trump effect

Mr. Donald Trump & Education: The After Effects of a Diplomatic Change on Student Education

Lately, we all have been following the US Presidential Candidate just to check on who shall be the person sitting on the power seat of the world. US Presidential Race for 2017 has been the…

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禅ヨガ – An Exploration | 瞑想

Chapter 1-2 ヨガ(Yoga)とは何か?まさに、人生の生き方と言っても良いだろう。サンスクリット語にはしっかりとYogas chitta vrtti nirodhah(ヨーガ・チッタ・ヴリッティ・ニローダ)と記載がされている。 その意味は、”ヨーガとは、心を止滅させること”にある。私はインドのグルジやヨギー達に多くのことを学んだ。また、アメリカではヨーガを(Union)とか(Yoke)と言う、欧米的な言い回しに変えているヨガイントラも多数存在するが、実際は世俗的な物事の考え方から離れて顕在意識をブロックさせることとされている。また、195のヨガ・スートラに内容が包括的に収められている。 インドのヨガが発祥の地で、本場であることは間違いないが、国によってヨガの思想は多少見解を変えていることが多い。日本では、外国人観光客やヨギー達のために、”禅ヨガ”を推進している寺院が存在している。ヒンズー教・仏教思想を含むにしろ、ヨガは世界的に認められて、数千万人の人々が自身の生活に取り入れています。 さて、私は起床後に、軽く瞑想を1分間程度行います。夜眠れない時にも、夜1~2分間の瞑想を行うだけでも、脳波がリラックスします。そして、勉強法の集中力を高める上でも大変大きな効果を表します。では、次回にどんな瞑想法があるのかをお伝えしましょう! About Author: Naoki Hagiwara is a Yoga Practitioner and a student of Yoga. He has been practising Yoga for more than a decade. As a student…

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teachers quitting profession

Why teachers are quitting the profession in the UK?

It is no secret that the UK is desperately short of teachers and that many teachers are considering quitting the profession, this begs the question why are so many teachers quitting? And why are so…

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ebook ereading

Effects of eBooks on Student Learning

For two centuries readers were people who read & preferably, bought physical books. In an industry confronted with an intimidating array of challenges, digital technology clearly has a lot to offer. The industry response has been…

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Get a Summer job

How to Find a Job for the Summer?

Summer is associated with exciting, outdoor activities. Many people visit cinemas, beaches, resorts and amusement parks in search of fun. This period presents opportunity to make some extra money and get useful work experience at…

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Save money for Christmas

How I am going to save $1500 for Christmas?

Jingle bell, jingle bell, Jingle on the way, Oh, what fun It is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Hey everyone, don’t be surprised! Yes, now this jingle is not far away, not even…

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Student Travel Plan

5 ways to plan your Student Travel

Travelling as a student is always an exciting and thrilling experience. You are still in your teens, new in college and have new friends and wish to trot the globe with them. Student Travel can…

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pharmacy technician jobs

5 ways to Land Your First Pharmacy Tech Job

Even in a field like pharmacy tech where demand is projected to increase by 20%, finding that first job after graduation can be stressful. Here are a few tips that can help you stand out in…

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student loan consolidation

Consolidating My Student Loan

By hearing the word “Student Loan”, everyone gets panicky, suddenly smiles fade away from the face and lines of tension can be seen on the forehead of any person. Just imagine, if this is the…

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No Picture

My Dreams VS My Family’s – The Student Life

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career & a passion comes together” But sadly, the above quote comes in reality with very few of them. Because the below sentence has made his impact more powerful…

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