Written By – Sonali M.(Pune, India) .
Sonali M is a Sophomore Student of Electronics & Telecommunications. She has been volunteering for the student for the past 1 year and working with students in slums.

Exams have the finality to measure, to analyze, to judge knowledge & abilities, it often used for jobs & colleges admission, also used to transfer from a grade to another.

My Friends please exams should not be taken as bad thing and burden, they should be taken as a challenge, imagine it as a video game in real life, put all your “will power” in it, take it seriously, overcome yourself, be the best, your future might be put on it.

Exams aren’t there to trip you up, or to frighten you. They are there to see how much of your subject you really know. They are there to see how you work & think under pressure and to a deadline. All skills you will be regularly using when you are in the real world implementing what you have learn. So treat exam as an opportunity to show what you can do. Exams don’t have to be stressful. Although most people do, you don’t have to dread them you don’t have to revise frantically and you don’t have to worry. Use Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page) for your research it is a good way to research on anything.

The most important thing to do is know that you need to revise. Make a list, with your teacher or friends, of the key topics you need to revise and start doing it well ahead of time. Not so far ahead that you forget all over again, but at least a month or so before the exam itself. Once you have started, stick to your revision schedule. Plan breaks into your day or your evening; plan the occasional treat & plan the occasional test. Then finish your revision some day before. It is vitally important if you are going to enjoy your exams, that you aren’t still working frantically the day & night before….

 The day before exam should be spent quietly or doing something fun if possible……Go swimming, go for long walk, meet friends, but don’t spend it alone. So the first part of enjoying exam is getting the revision right .The second part is getting attitude right.

Studying is the only way to success, but this studying must be done methodically, piece by piece, non stop, everyday. It is important to establish an amount of hours to do different things during the day, like time to eat, time to study, time to play & so on making the day joyful, nice & less monotonous.

There are several ways in writing what you have learned:

1. You can make a summary of what you learn. You read 1st and then you write a short note important thing that you can remember.

2. Write what you read exactly the same. At least you can remember what you have written when you are facing the exam.

3. Write what you read after you read. But make sure you check you note again with the text book you use to learn.

Remember studying is the secret and the most important. Trust yourself because if you don’t, no one else will. And if at the end of all of your grades are not the one you expected it is because you were not ready yet, but don’t give up, try it again, even harder.

Be passionate about your goals and career but never be afraid of the exams. They are just a way to test your preparations and challenge you. So if you follow all these things during study before the exams, then you can definitely enjoy all the exams in your whole life.


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