Written By – Ayan K.(Jamshedpur, India).
Ayan is working as a Software Engineer in an IT company. He has over 3 years of experience in his core field. He has been very active in NGO’s and helping TheSToodent with infusion of new ideas.

Many things in life we dislike. Some things in life we like. Few things in life we love. Only one or two things in the life are we passionate about. Today while choosing a career, the most important criteria that our society has set is that how much money is a person going to earn if he makes his career in a particular subject. This even becomes the chief selection parameter for admission in engineering, degree and management college. Thus every year the colleges are producing thousands of students who are more passionate about money than their job. To a certain extent greed for money works in his favour, such as it make him work harder and be more quality driven. But beyond a certain extent money can make a person restless or even mad.

Lets take an example,
Sumit(name changed for valid reasons) spent five years of his life in doing his bachelors and masters in chemistry. Then he worked for two years in chemical industry. But he is not happy with his meager pay. When he sees his counterparts making more money in the finance segment, he goes for a career in finance without even thinking whether he has the got the aptitude for making it big in finance industry. Thus he invests two more years of his life in doing an MBA. Finally he joins the bandwagon of finance professionals. After spending three years in this industry, he still seems to struggle with big fat numbers and the financial vocab. He is now facing an identity crisis as he cant call himself a chemical engineer nor can he say that he is doing great is finance.

Now lets us try to understand what was the reason for this turmoil in his life. Let us try to understand where he had made a mistake.
Flashback. Twelve years ago when was giving his joint entrance for the engineering , he failed to ask himself what was his core interest. What was the thing in which he wanted to make his career with? As he failed to secure a good score in the JEE, so he was offered a seat in chemical engineering. As the chemical industry failed to satisfy his need for money, so he changed his career. Now he sees that he is not able to devote himself hundred percent to his role as he he sees himself a misfit in the market of financial honchos. He has missed just one important activity in his life. He did not give himself proper time for introspection or the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of himself. If he would have done that, he would have easily identified his passion and his aptitude.

At many a times it does happen that for some unavoidable reasons we are not able to make a career in the field of our liking. In such a situation we should try to develop our passion and our interest in our current career. That is easy said than done, but believe me if that could be done, it could work wonders for us. We can try to identify the similarities in the current career with the one in which we we have have a liking and can try to find ways in which we can develop satisfy our burning passion in our current career.

Let us take an example,
Ravi has been working in a software company since the last four years. He seems to be liking his job but he is crazy about marketing. He likes talking to different people and persuading them for a particular reason. He likes analyzing the market segments of different products and why a particular product is very popular in a particular market segment. Then he tries to sync his passion with his career. He tries to analyze the market segment of the different software products of his company and the suggest the ways by which the company could enhance its profitability in a particular market segment or explore some other market segment or how the relationship could be made stronger with the existing clients. Every quarter he prepares such a report and presents it to his manager. Initially he did not receive any response. But he did not give up and kept presenting his market analysis reports every quarter. Suddenly one fine day, he got a call from one of the marketing managers of his company. He liked some his points which had been presented in the last reports and was called to give a presentation to some of the key marketing experts in his company. After listening to his presentation they decided to give Ravi an additional role as a market expert. He would now be able to be a part of the market strategies formulating team of his company and thus be able to justify his career with his passion.

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