Written by: K. Vikas (Pune, India)
Vikas is a testing Engineer with over 3 years of experience. He volunteers for TheSToodent and is active in handling weekly activities for students in slums.
The First Step!!! We take birth on this beautiful planet called “EARTH”. Apart from the first few days/years after birth we (nowadays) been put into the “Playgroup”. But anyways this is what the “Actual first step of everybody’s life in the world, which was just unknown to them few days back”.
For everybody this is what the first step from which they start their Learning process!!!. Process seems to be “Heavy” word at this point of time, but it is. We try to learn a lot of things like some learn to drive, some learn to write a blog, some learn to fly and learning goes on. But still there are lot many children in this society for whom the first step itself is last step. There are lot many reasons for this, but moreover the basic and common reason especially in Developing countries is “MONEY”.
So the basic question which they have in their mind is ” WHY CAN’T I?”
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