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Just like Globalization affecting many corners, NGO are also getting revamped at every stage. An effective professional team with motivated staff is the main reason for the existence of an NGO. There are several facets of a society like poverty, malnutrition, ignorance and standard of living below the poverty line which seem the root cause of unemployment or education. The NGO are getting into many interactive lessons and adult education program including weekend teaching which empowers many people.

Poverty and ignorance also stems from dogmas or superstitious which also contributes to the backwardness of the society. Key diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and other malignant diseases require treatment and awareness of the same is given by the volunteers via NGO’s. This has to be done with a vision and agenda so that more people are freed from the diseases and also possess the ability to avoid the cause.

NGO’s with a special cause like domestic violence NGO, rehabilitation of sex workers or juvenile criminals require aids in terms of qualified psychologists who have a greater ability to understand the situation. The need for qualified personnel is vital to comprehend the subject and offer proper advice. The role of an NGO to motivate such personnel and also get into a continued support for the people is a huge challenge at all times.

Transparency in every operation can be done only with participation at grass root levels. Accounting and audit concerns have to be adhered too along with legal stipulations. This is essential to instill and continue the trust of many people. Certain areas are bereft of basic amenities like drinking water, schools and irrigation for their farming. Aided NGO’s in collaboration with the district government also help out the farmers and their families in educating them on the basic of academics. NGO’s can also be an effective medium to reach out to the deprived areas and educate kids to get them an admission in education institutions.

Networking with collaborative efforts, international handshakes and subsidiary channels is also the forte of NGO’s who are determined to work for the upliftment of many. The case of animals that are facing extinction and also the rehabilitation or reworking of zoo and sanctuaries is actively done by animal lovers and other eminent international organizations.

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