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Being a student its always difficult to save money. Especially when you have a lot of friends ( who always demand parties) and a girlfriend(s). I being a student of SYBA my expenses are quite limited to Rs.1700 for the whole month. That is the amount I get as pocket money from my parents for the whole month.

Here are the list of my expenses:

1) Rs. 700 for petrol / travelling.

2) Rs. 500 for shopping/eating out ….

3) Rs. 500 for colleges expenses (Notes photocopy, buying books etc)

As you might have got an idea about the unwanted expenses that take a toll on my monthly expense. Rs. 1700 is just a tentative figure, the budget gets inflated to around Rs.2000 most of the times with the money coming from friends, sisters, relatives, mom etc. I started cutting down the expenses from 1) & 2).

Savings : How I managed to do the impossible??

1) Rs. 700 for petrol/travelling :

    One of my college friend lives nearby so I managed to get him onboard for my savings.

     I motivated him to alternatively use bikes for going to college. That way I use to go on his bike for 15 days of the month thus saving half the money Rs. 350 in my pocket ( actually i saved Rs.200 in first month….mistake on my side…You have to be clever with your girlfriend too.. I got a clue how girls are able to save a lot on their budget … :):))

     I motivated myself to use bicycle for going to buy vegetables, go for ride etc. (I didn’t thought this would work but it actually did work for me..Now it has become a habit ).

     You can also charge your friends to drop them somewhere to earn some more ….. (Just Kiddin…don’t do this … Long term consequences ) :).

2) Rs. 500 for shopping/eating out….

Ok you have to be very smart here…Friends & Girlfriends form a major part of this expense. You have to handle them tactically.

TTMM(Tu tera Main Mera) / Contri (Equal Contribution from each individual) / Name it some other way  can be a great method to do savings when you are with your friends.

With my girlfriend, I have managed to keep her away from expensive stuff and usually visit Fashion Street or Hongkong lane with her. Don’t visit big Mall (Statutory Advise from a boyfriend…Its not good for your health, pocket and relationship in the long term).

Make a list of all cheap and good places in the city which you can go with your friends/girlfriend. I have a list of my own… Which i will share with all of you named “Being Cheap”…

3) Start earning – its the best way to save money.

Start a blog which i did (http://perceptionnimagination.blogspot.com/) and write your experience if you can earn better … if not you learn… Thats all 🙂

Start work somewhere in a field where you want to end up ( I started working in a small computer management firm with an long term aim to become a computer manager but ended up with loosing the job in 6 days as i was not interested in it) … Learnings: Sometimes you also get to know whether it is really meant for you or not. Try it early !!!

Don’t get frustrated while doing all this…Enjoy this part…Its fun…If you end up saving Rs.1 or not saving at all. You will definitely learn something.

Keep Saving.

 About me…I am going to have a blast on Christmas and New Years Eve with my friends (Rs.2000 is more than enough) .. Lolzzz 🙂

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