Written: Amber Das
Location: Pahar Ganj, New Delhi, India
(Still a student. Who votes in elections :))

Don’t get pissed off by Corruption

We youngsters have a pretty bad habbit of cursing politicians and corruption. We make a big hue and cry about politicians taking money, bribing someone, killing someone. We are the ones who discuss that “Politics is a bad game and its not for us”. Yeah I agree it might not be for all of us but it is for some. And officially we play an role in shaping it, so get up and Vote. Just don’t shout, act!

Politicians are Humans – Although most of them act like Animals 😉

Yeah, I have the same thought as you do. But what can we do to keep the animals at zoo. Just Vote!

Its Cool to have a holiday, so not Voting is it?

Don’t behave like a kid now. If you believe in change, make it. We as Indians have a bad habit of always cursing ourselves. Like ” Yeh India hai yaar, chalta hai…” “We always follow IST(Indian standard Timing) so always late..” “Its ok to spend some more bucks to get the work done fast…” and we do take a lot of proud in doing it. Don’t cool your heels now, the climate gets hotter and hottest with the politicians(read: if the wrong ones enter the system). Get up Make a change you believe in. Only the Dumbest of the dumb ones could think of an holiday on a Voting Day!!!! Really 🙂

One Anna is not enough!!!!

We need lot of Anna’s. Now by that i don’t mean you should start a fast…Don’t do that thats not my advice. Don’t come on the road, Don’t shout loudly in someone’s support. Don’t loose on your sleep. Just be quite and calm in your everyday routine structure. Get your ass up, walk to the nearest voting booth and Vote. That can make you an Anna too!!! 😀

Still you don’t want to Vote!!

Ok. I can’t help you then. Enjoy having your representatives doing corruption, watching porn(latest of all trends… I don’t know what they might do next in the house). =D. Keep doing what you are doing …… But don’t piss others by giving big lectures on corruption and just cut it off!!!!

Written by thestoodent

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