Author : Shifaan Sheikh was a student of University of Exeter for the year 2002-2004. He loves writing about traveling, books and his experiences. He is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa where he runs his traveling agency. He lives with his wife and a kid.
Have you taken a student loan to pay your college fees? Are you worried about the ways you can repay it without your parent’s help? I would give you an insight on how I repayed my loan when I was studying in University of Exeter. There are umpteen ways to work part time during your college to earn some extra money.

As an international students and not being a citizen of United Kingdom (or any other country) you will have certain restrictions on the work that you do. If you are on a student visa, you are only allowed to work for some hours in a week. Don’t try to surpass the law, some countries are very strict. You might be detained and punished severely. There are many part time jobs like working in pizza store, assistantship etc. Here are some of the options that might work for you:
1)      Pizza stores and other food outlets
  • They are easily available on almost all campuses internationally. The recruitment procedure is not strict and easy to get through.
  • I use to earn around $5/hour for the part time work as I started off and later went up-to $7/hour.
  • This money is really good to enjoy as well as saving this to repay your loan.
  • Even if you are able to save $100 a week you end up saving $400 for the whole month i.e. $4800/Year. Not bad. Isn’t it?
  • Even if you have taken a loan of around 20k-30k for your education you would be able to repay more than 50% of it within 2 years.
  • Bonus with this job: You can have fun as well eat pizzas for free and have drinks with your friends once a week.
2)      Assistantship
  • Great option for the people who are very career centric and don’t like to waste time delivering pizzas.
  • I have known friends who use to earn $3/hour for the work they use to do as an assistant of a Professor.
  •  The pay is not good but if you are passionate enough to do it, there are a lot of things to learn on the way.
  •  This option can help you build your career since it adds to your resume.
  • Getting the assistantship is quite challenging and you need to try every trick in the book to impress your professors.
  • I have known people who got a research opportunity in the university because of working closely with good professors.
3)      Book Stores
  • Book stores hire people who are very good at communications and can help them sell new ones or resell the old ones.
  • Again, this can be useful for people who love reading books.
  • You even end up getting heavy discount on libraries of book stores or getting some books for free as a perk for working there.
  • This is a good way of saving money on the books that you need to buy and refer for your coursework.
  • The pay is the least among all but it gives you a lot of help in terms of adding knowledge.
  • British library stores are a great option to start with.
4)      Net Cafes & Lounges
  • Cities like London, New York are full of Lounges, bar and discs. If you are on for something like being a bartender, there are umpteen jobs that will pay you more than $7/hour.
  • There is a risk associated with this job as you have to work overnight most of the times.
  • Not really for a student who wants to make a career out of college education.
  • Net Cafes are a good place to work where you get around $2-3/hour.

    Try to save when you are earning as a student in a foreign country. The part time job also helps you add value to your CV. By the end of your educational year, you would be able to repay more than half of the loan if you start savings now. My advice would be work real hard, study smartly, have fun with your friends and make your college life a great learning experience. Cheers!!!

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