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Blog is like a personal diary a person keeps online. He might write his own experiences or information about products, companies, diseases etc. Penning down a blog doesn’t take a lot of time either. Blogger, wordpress, tumblr are some of the top sites where blogs are hosted for free with no investment at all. For students, these are the apt platforms for communicating their point of view without any investment.
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Writing and keeping a personal diary of experiences has always been the traditional style of maintaining and keeping memories of your life. In today’s era, people prefer to spread it over the web through their blogs which can help them get exposure, share knowledge, build relationships or earn money.
Here are some of the important aspects which can help a student in the long run:
1)      Get exposure
  • The world is virtually situated and present over the web. You can reach anyone, anywhere.
  • No one is out of reach. Through proper communication channels you can connect with Brad Pitt or Barack Obama. You are no longer living in a world which is distributed in continents.
  • Writing your own blog and promoting it over your social networking accounts makes your friends and others realize your interests. You never know you might get a business opportunity or the next promotion.
  • One of my friends connects with his music students through his blog where he writes about music and today he has a great fan following all over the globe and is willing to start classes abroad too.
  • Writing as a medium helps a lot for development of your persona and vocabulary.
2)      Share Knowledge
  • Your blog can be a great medium for sharing knowledge about a particular subject. You might want to share what you know. There are famous blogs of personalities like Matt Cutts, Amitabh Bachachan where they share their experiences and views.
  • As a student, it will help you connect with your colleagues and get respect from your peers. As a student, I had written a lot of articles on my experiences while traveling and many people were surprised to know that part of me. (Especially, girls 🙂 ) 
  • A friend of mine has been keeping his blog related to chemistry for over a year now and he is connecting with like minded people over the web and getting good feedback.
  • If the content or knowledge that you share is valuable, you might get a connection which might open doors for scholarship or an opportunity.
3)      Build relationships
  • Now all of you are very much aware that more than 75% of our friends or followers on Facebook, twitter are really not the people we connect to on daily basis. Facebook being a social medium, we try to reach out to everyone to build a relationship.
  • Writing a blog and then connecting with some people will help to make the relationship stronger. Blog helps the other person to know you better rather than just accepting a friend request or being a follower.
4)      Earn Money
  • Yeah, blogs today come with option of adding ad networks like Google Adsense, Amazon Ads and others.
  • As a student, it’s never bad to have more pocket money out of the free blog that you write.

Use blog to pitch yourself to the world. Utilize this free opportunity at no cost!

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