How to start your business? How successful businesses operate?

These are some of the question which many of us have in our minds. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson to name a few are some of the successful businessmen who started very early in their lives. They all worked towards the goals they wanted to achieve in their lives at a very early stage. They never went to business schools to learn the theory of business organizations, they rather learnt it practically. It’s an advantage to start early since you can test yourself on various turfs. Richard Branson started with a student magazine in his teens, Bill Gates started programming with Operating Systems in his teens, and Steve Jobs worked in a garage with his friend when he was a youngster. These examples are enough to prove that starting your business early in your life helps you achieve great heights and gives you an undue advantage of practical experience over others.

Know your interests

It’s important as a teenager to know what you are interested in doing. Play around things you love. It might be selling books, renting accessories, paid library etc. You will surely find something interesting which will help you keep the money and enjoy.

Example: If you love to watch movies, you can rent the DVD’s CD’s to your friends.

Try everything and simmer down to one thing

Remember you don’t start as a professional but make relationships around. As a teenager, you have the time on your side to try out whatever you want to. Try different things and narrow down to one specific thing. 

Example: If you wish to be a publisher start by connecting with fellow students, teachers and build a library of journals, books which you can share for some dollars. You earn as well as you learn. Then slowly you can start contributing to the college magazine and then start your own magazine. Make sure you keep your savings tight and keep an inflow of funds.

Network and Conferencing

Network well in the college/school so when you start with something, you are ready with an audience. Make sure you also give perks at times to people around you.

Example: connect to friends who are very active and have their own circle of friends. Once you launch something of your own and push the person in your fold, you also automatically invite his followers with him.

Find an able Mentor

It’s always important to have a matured opinion on things you are doing. Not everything you might be doing is right and it’s always a good idea to have a word of a person who is senior in that particular area. You might find a good teacher in your school you look upon or your dad, mom or anyone. 

Bottom Line: Get a Mentor.

Spend Less

Be smart with you business spending. At your age, you would most probably borrow it from your parents, friends or others. Make sure you don’t have to repay a huge amount. Take money in small pockets.

Example: If you wish to start a school magazine, you can borrow $50 dollars from your parents and then start working. Don’t ask for $1000 at this point of time. Once you are confident of getting some back, then you can ask for more $50/$100.

About Author: Diane L. is a author and publisher of small books. She started writing at an early age of 14 with children stories. She has a varied experience of writing for journals, children books and fiction. She lives with her husband and a son named “Juan”. You can drop in an email at

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