Essential Tools for all College Students
Technology is so well-integrated into society that we often don’t realize how much we rely on it. Students now need tools for the classroom that didn’t even exist twenty years ago. Here are 7 things a student should have to get them ahead.

1.    E-reader

Although opinions differ on which brand is best, students definitely need this device. E-readers can store textbooks and other class reading material, eliminating the need to carry around numerous heavy books. Textbooks are usually cheaper to download then to purchase, and they don’t have to be sold back.
The most popular brands are Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook- both offered in a variety of styles and price points. Students will also enjoy being able to read magazines and download apps.

2.    A tablet

A good tablet will allow you to download Kindle and Nook apps, but will also offer other important features. Students can use an external keyboard with their iPad to take notes instead of dragging around a heavy laptop. There are also hundreds of apps to make it easier for them to write papers and complete projects.
The iPad can be costly, but it is no longer the only tablet option. Google’s Nexus 7 is a budget tablet that starts at $199 and most students are already using Gmail and other Google programs. Other tablet competitors are springing up too.

3.    Data Backup

It is too easy to be hacked or to accidentally lose data on your hard drive. Students need to back-up everything both on the Cloud and on a portable hard drive to reduce the chances that they end up in trouble. You can purchase one for under $100 that will save documents, movies, and photos all in one place.

4.    Headphones

A quality pair of headphones can make a big difference when trying to hear your device over the noise of a loud roommate or a crowded coffee shop. Headphones are also necessary for listening to audio and video coursework without disturbing anyone else. Luckily there are noise-cancelling headphones for every budget.

5.    Shredder

Students need a shredder to protect important information before it gets into the wrong hands. Shredders are now cheap and easily portable, unlike the large components of the past. Reduce the risk of identity theft by purchasing a shredder for your student to use as needed rather than trusting they will bring the papers home to shred.

6.    Netbook

If your student doesn’t already have a laptop, then a Netbook can be a smart alternative for the cost conscious. If the only reason they need the laptop for us is to take notes, write papers, and surf the Internet, then a Netbook is just as good as a laptop.

7.    Portable scanner

Students can use portable scanners to scan photos and documents. They can also use a scanner to copy a friend’s class notes if they miss a class. A portable scanner can fit into a messenger bag.

With these essential tools students will be prepared for everything school has to offer. Can you think of any tools we left out?

Author Bio: Kole is a writer and Internet marketer based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has written for news papers, magazines and more. His writing has been read by millions. This piece was written for  electronic technician certification.

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