3 Ways to Inculcate Ideas and Thoughts for Web Designing – Building the Designing Outlook

‘Design’ is a word which gives you an image of something arranged in a symmetrical thought of imagination. As a human, a good design helps attract attention of the most important sense of the body i.e. vision. Designing skills is a gifted talent and not all can have finesse over a vision to make a perfect design. We know the genius of Da Vinci, Michelangelo who pioneered designed some centuries ago.

Let’s discuss some of the methods which could be used by Web designers to inculcate innovative designing in their work. We shall not discuss about the technical aspect regarding the tools but the method of coming to a particular design.
1) Observe:

  • As a designer, it’s very important to observe the environment.
  • The most important entity to observe and which is the utmost design ever is “Nature”. Start observing various trees, the color combinations used over it.
  • Animals can be a very intriguing part of design. If you observe closely, they are made according to the environment. Example, A Tiger has stripes over him, which helps him disappear in the environment and hide from the probable preys.
  • Nature is a wonderful canvas painted by the almighty ready with wonderful templates which you can be observed with your vision and replicate it.
Bottom Line: Study designing from Nature. Observe…Observe…Observe!!!
2) Feel:

  • Vision is the only sense which is very powerful, which plays an important role in making the visitor stay on your portal for a while and take some action.
  • Let’s take an example; you see very beautiful scenery while driving your car. You might wait for a while to take some pictures or just watch the surroundings … Why? Because you were in awe of the design made by Nature that affected your sense of vision and made you stay there longer.
  • You need to make sure you use the right color combinations when portraying a particular design to make sure your visitor is in awe of the page you have designed.
Bottom Line: Let the design impart a feeling on the visitor…it will help him visit again!!!
3) Play:

  • Play around with the design you have made. You would never see a tree with the same features all throughout the year. You will see it shed its leaves, bare some fruits, and possibly grow up a bit.
  • Your design should exhibit mature thought as you move in time.
  • Play with different themes as per the calendar.
Bottom Line: Never be Static, since life is not static, design should neither be.

Be open to observing and experiencing different things. Observe well, keep playing with colors and themes. You will end up being a designer worth noticing.

About Author: Orungootan Kabusa is a 2 ft nd 60 cms tal Orangutan. He loves watchng hs dad climb. He loves contributing to eductng students in deprived areas through an student organization. He thniks Orungootans can helps change the world if nt humans. 

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