How to get a Job in Google?
Google!  The Top Search bot in the World. A Company of Innovators. A Company where everyone dreams to work for.
Nowadays, the word ‘Search’ is very likely associated with the term ‘Google’. This tells how big the impact of Google is on the ‘Online Search Businesses’. Search Market is the market ‘Google’ has revolutionized. Today, ‘Google’ is synonymous with the word ‘revolution’; this was thought about ‘Apple’ in 90’s and early ‘2000’. Google as an employer offers vast range of work for their employees in Search, Systems, Applications and Operating Systems.
Working for Google is on the cards of almost every student studying in allied fields. Having said, although Google has very tough interviews to crack, getting through it is not impossible.
Here are the following things you can do to get a Job in Google:
1) Work Smart
– Don’t think the same way as the problem is. Play around with problems.
– Have a playful approach to solving problems.
– Google works Smarter than others and not Harder.
– They expect the same from their employees.
2) You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist but Closer to it
– You need to be extremely good at what you know.
– Practical knowledge is preferred rather than theory.
– Google prefers someone who loves his work rather than people who know it.
3) Sincere Not Serious
– Work culture at Google is fun. They aren’t just geeks.
– Sincerity is preferred rather than Seriousness.
– You can achieve a lot by just be sincere towards what you wish to achieve rather than just be serious and portraying the same.
4) Not the normal Interview! Never!
– Although you apply the normal way for Google Interviews :
– There are many ways to enter Google.
– If you are sharp and good enough, they shall notice you in competitions, forums which are held at international or national levels.
– Try to participate in challenging contests or work towards building what you believe in.
5) Be Cool
– Be cool about what you feel.
– Being honest to your work is vital in any kind of job. Same applies at Google.
– Be helpful and have a positive attitude. It helps to work in a team.
– Be a leader and a good listener. Google expects people to lead and not just follow.

Google is a company most of us wish to join and work for. It’s not only about the Company being a fortune 100 company but the opportunities it offers its employees to work and grow. Be a hard worker, a leader and a person with a positive attitude, you can be the next Larry Page too.

Written by thestoodent

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