As a kid, we have always dreamt of being an astronaut, a doctor or a computer engineer but when it comes to really selecting a career there is a big fight between the dream and the reality. Everyone must have gone through this phase once in their lives where they were confronted with this question on selecting the career path.

Here is a guide on selecting a Career:

1)    Know what you love

It’s important at this juncture when you come for graduation what do you really love. If you haven’t configured that as yet, take time. Don’t jump on the bandwagon because everyone has. You are different than everyone else and you shall have a different choice of career. The best way to understand is what you would love to do day in and day out and love doing it for the rest of your life.

2)    Seek Advise

Ask for advice from your parents, family or friends. It is sensible to ask advice from experts in that area. Ask what you might be able to explore as you move ahead in that career path. What would you to be able to seek in the future if you strive on that path? Would you still love doing that? Would it be a great income source for you that you would enjoy doing? Make your job your play; it shall be fun for life.

3)    Research Universities

It’s vital that you research appropriate universities that offer the same course that you are looking out for. What are the exams you need to clear for the same? How do you get through? Are there any student scholarships available for the same? Learn more about the educational institutions that provide the courses that you are looking for. University choice is vital and it can help you increase your chances for good success.

It is always advised to ask your dear ones and then ask yourself. Convey your decision to your parents, family and friends and ask for their opinions. Be head strong about what your feel about your career choice and tread on that path. You surely shall achieve success. Good Luck!

Written by thestoodent

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