Company logos represent their unique identity through visual representation using colors, images and letters. They allow consumers to associate their logo with the values of the company and its brand. This text will provide examples of various logo designs and explain the elements that make them compelling.

The WRC logo is a great example of determining what the company does by simply taking a look at its logo. This particular company holds racing events that involve cars, speed and mayhem. The logo cleverly combines the visual representation of racing track with the name of the company which leaves little doubt in a consumer’s mind about the business the company is in. The contrast of black and white colors is simple and impactful. You can find the company’s logo on the top left-hand corner of their website: WRC.

Cisco is a company involved in the technology sector. The visual elements that immediately capture viewer’s attention and inspire curiosity are the bars above the company name. They can symbolize different radio frequencies, thus referring to the company’s industry roots. Since the company is based in Silicon Valley, it is likely they also represent visual outline of a Golden Gate Bridge. The symbolism of the bars and the curiosity it instills in the consumer’s mind, in addition to the color contrast between the bars and the company name below is what makes Cisco’s logo so appealing. Thelogo is located on the top of the left-hand side of the company website: Cisco.

The features of AstraZeneca’s logo of are very unique and compelling. The company is involved in a pharmaceutical industry. The image next to the company name looks like a chemical compound which represents the industry AstraZeneca operates in. Also, if one takes a closer look at it, letters A and Z are written within the image which leaves a lasting effect in consumer’s mind. The contrast between purple and orange colors makes the logo even more memorable. AstraZeneca’s logo can be found home on left-hand side of the company’s website: Astrazeneca.

Golden Seeds is an investment company that provides venture capital to women entrepreneurs. Their logo stands out because it is symbolic of what the company is all about. The yellow icon is shaped as leaves which can be interpreted as a new beginning, which is what the company provides to women who want to start their own business venture. The logo is clean, simple and it works. You can view it on the Golden Seeds Company Website.

Willicreative’s logo is pure simplicity. While you see many logo designs adopting shapes, colours and various other distractions often simplicity is the best policy. Designed by a graphic degree student @ Glyndwr University the company website is : Willicreative.

Freedom is a UK-based company plying its trade in the travel industry. The company’s aim is to associate itself with the freedom they can offer businesses that work in the industry. Their logo represents that sentiment perfectly. The image of flying bird as part of the letter “M” is an ingenious way to put that message across to its target audience. What can be more symbolic of freedom that a flying bird? The company’s logo is located within the text inside of the blue box on the right-hand side of the Be part of something bigger website.

Company logos provide a first impression of a company that can positively influence consumer’s perception of its brand, point of view towards the products it is selling and even their buying their decisions. The logos provided above have succeeded in doing exactly that.

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