How to clear a Student Loan while still at University? – Student Debt
“It’s easy to get a loan unless you need it.”
Norman Ralph Augustine

As everything has become expensive in today’s world, gaining education has also become difficult for students. Therefore, most of students decides to take the student loan for completing their education, the next big question stands up in front of them is how to clear it? It becomes a burden to them and it always stays with them till it gets cleared. During such situation, don’t lose hope and don’t take much stress of it as there are various ways available through which students can pay off their complete loan and can move ahead in their life.

Some simplest and quicker ways are explained by which students can pay their loan easily along with continuing their studies.

1.    Do part-time job

This will help you for sure to reduce your loan as you can work for few hours and can save the money. Working on weekends too will give a boost to your income and you can put aside a large amount for the repayment of the student loan which will definitely lessen some of your tension.

2.    Spend less

Since you have to repay the loan, cut off your worthless expenses and save that money. Avoid hangouts with friends and manage your budget. Prepare a monthly chart and analyze that on the whole month how much you spend and how much save. This will give you a rough idea about your actual necessary expenses and in reality how much you waste.

3.    Make a deal with your boss

Prepare an excellent strategy for the benefit of the company and present it in front of the boss. If he approves it then make a deal with him by taking a particular amount of your constructive plan. If within 2-3 months you keep on giving brilliant ideas which increases the growth of the company then that day will come sooner when you will be relaxed from the tension of your student loan.

4.    Participate in various competitions

This is the other excellent approach to clear off your student loan.  Get involved in cultural activities arranged in colleges or become a volunteer of any NGO or any other organization so that you will be rewarded with a handsome amount.

5.    Take various projects

This is the perfect way to show up your creativity by taking the task of completing the projects of your juniors by charging a certain amount. This will be win-win situation for you as you will get the money also as well your knowledge will be increased or in case if you were unaware about a particular topic then it will be known to you in a much better way.

Follow these methods and in no-time you will clear your student loan without realizing the stress of it. Your education will also be completed and at the same time you will become debt free.  After this you can chase your dreams without any worry and with a smile on your face.

This repayment of loan will give you a lifetime experience as in future whenever you will take any kind of loan you won’t get scared about it.

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