Dressing for my PROM date – Student Gossips
“I shall be the Prom Queen, the dancing queen. Young, sweet and only 17.”
“What do I wear for my PROM?”
“Would he say ‘YES’ for being my PROM date?”

Haven’t you thought of this plenty number of times in your mind while sleeping, on potty, with your friends, with your boyfriend. PROM is the only chance for a student be it a boy or girl to come out and show the world that you have arrived. You want to look the best in the PROM; you want to be the best date on your PROM. Want to be the next PROM queen and KING of your PROM.

Let’s have a look at how a Girl plans her PROM (not that we wish to have all the fun!!!)
Girls always dream of having the best hunk of the college or the football team with her to the PROM date. Not to forget the after PROM parties.

Here is a small list of things a Girl should look for before her PROM:

1) Know what you want to wear

student gossips

– Understand the theme of your PROM, if your PROM is about dressing classic, retro, zombie etc. Be in it. You need to find the dress that shall make you stand out on your PROM.
– I had bought a Mint Chiffon Dress online from an online portal. Have a classy dress as this is once in a lifetime opportunity to dress for.
– Show it to your parents, close friends for opinions.

2) Who’s my Date?

– Do you really know him? It’s often we go for a charming and funny guy but don’t get along after the prom night.
– It’s better to go out with someone you shall share more time with. You should be comfortable sharing every discomfort as well as comfort of yours with him. (Remember, you got to dance in his arms!!!)
– Make sure you match up to his dressing style and vice versa.

3) I am no more a teenager!

– Girls often want to break out and do what they weren’t allowed as a teenager. 1st thing on their mind is SEX.
– Never ever go with the flow and just do it because everyone else has done it. PROM might not be the right time for you, you just can’t have it for the sake of it.
– Yeah! Don’t forget to use Protection.

PROM night is not to be taken too seriously. Don’t think too much, just have fun!

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Sophie is a freelance writer who lives in Kentucky with her son and husband. She occasionally writes on topics related to students and dressing (http://www.wishesdresses.com).

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