5 things you should know about Sport Scholarships
Are you playing football for college? Are you an athlete who has competed at state level championships? If its a yes and you wish to apply for a sports scholarships you need to understand lots of things before you actually get it. There are around 140k scholarships available for students across USA but the odds are few. There are around a million guys playing high school football who compete for these kind of scholarships.

If you wish to increase your chances for getting a sports scholarship you need to up your ante. Here are the crucial high fives you need to be aware of:

1) Sport’s Scholarships are remote but not rare

NCAA has made divisions of scholarships according to the sports that are played in USA. The divisions of NCAA are taken into consideration by universities/colleges while giving a scholarship to an athlete/sportsman. There are in all 177,559 scholarships which are again divided between various Divisions(Division I, Division II, Division III). Each division is further divided according to the gender i.e. Male and Female. To sum up, you need to stand out of the athlete crowd to actually get the scholarship.

2) Full Scholarships are RARE

NCAA doesn’t recognize or grant all the sports a full scholarship. Full Scholarship is restricted only to some divisions like Gymanistics(Women), Basketball(Women/Men), Men’s Football, Lawn Tennis & Volleyball.  Athletes in Division I sports that are Basketball, Football are bound to get a full scholarship or no scholarship. Do the homework before you apply in a particular division.

Sports Scholarship

3) Scholarships are Cut & Slashed

If they say, the scholarship amount is $10,000 it doesn’t mean that it arrives in the same figure. Many times, NCAA takes a call on how this money could be utilized in a better way(read splitted in a better way). NCAA/University designated coaches split these award among deserving students so that it could be helpful for many. Athletes end up getting 1/3rd of the sum of the scholarship they deserve. Don’t have higher hopes, be practical about a sports scholarship.

4) Let go off a Verbal Commitment – Put an Email

Whenever you apply for a scholarship, a coach plays an important role in selecting the prospects for the scholarships. Make sure you not only receive a verbal communication from the coach but also in writing. Put in an email to the coach and get a confirm reply on the same. Scholarships are not given verbally, they are notified to the NCAA and universities. Having proper communication is crucial.

5) Getting a Scholarship is just a start

Athlete or Sports scholarships once given, bound you to get involved in that sport for the respective university/college. According to an NCAA survey on college athletes, they are bound to spend more time on the field rather than classrooms. An average of 45 hours per week is spent by College athletes working for the sport. Many of the college students who have attained the scholarships have to suffer in disciplines like Engineering or Science. Moral of the story, know what you are opting for.

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