How I Repaid MY Student Loans early – Student Loan
I have taken a Student loan of $10,000 and I have to repay it someday? Any Idea How?

I want to get rid of my Student loan before I end my college?

How do I earn in college for extra income? Would that suffice?

Shall I ask my parents to take care of my Student Loan?

You must be having these types of questions in your mind if you might have a student loan. As a student, you shall encounter crazy thoughts with the slow pace of employment we all are facing and you are bound to think of repaying it. My advice to you is, relax. It’s not going to be a paramount task to repay your student loan; instead you should focus more on studies. Have a plan ready to repay your student loan before college if you want to go out in the big bad world without any worries.

Some bad ass techniques we all know but few do are as follows:

1)    Take a part-time Gig

If you want to explore the world while in college, this is the best way to do it (and you get paid too!)
Know what you love and wish to explore. I know friends who have taken up teaching a painting class, working in coffee shop, doing some boring data entry, writing interesting content for college magazine, assisting a boring professor or an interesting one. This surely will help you earn as well as learn.

Remember worse experiences are the ones that teach you better, so never take a step back for any experience you are exposed to.

2)    Start a blog

If you are good at writing and have a basic flare for online things, this can be a wise option.
Many of my colleagues have made a good dollar out of their blogs while being in college. You got to be patient when you start off, dollars don’t fall often.

The golden rule is keep writing something interesting that engages people and helps them. Share and care as if the reader were you.

Spread it among your circles. Start off your small business.

3)    Ask a friend

You meet new colleagues, new friends (and also make a few foes while in college). Part and Parcel of the thing called Life. Be open to ask for opinions of your peers, friends and others about earning while learning.

Best advice have come from people who have failed at plenty of things in college. Often, they shall tell you about their experience that shall enrich you and open up new ideas to you.

Learn to be keen on any opportunity where you can earn. I had a friend of mine who wrote assignment papers of my friends for $x on a boring afternoon. You never know where you might get that extra buck from. Remember, every buck is worth it.

4)    Extra Curricular = Extra Earnings

We all love to do one or the other extracurricular activity. It might be swimming, writing, singing or dancing (Mates who have sleeping as their extracurricular activity, please don’t read further (Pun Intended)).

Teach swimming at a local swimming pool (if they have an opening). Ask for paid writing assignments (from professors or fellow students as my smart friend did), someone shall have something for you.

If you aren’t getting anything, go to a nearby gas station and ask for a job. Whatever extra you shall do, shall give you extra money as well as an experience you shall savor for lifetime.

5)    Don’t lose on your Studies

The Ultimate aim of any student while joining a university is to get good education (that’s what I think believe). If you fail at your studies, there is no need to save for your loan. You shall be borrowing more money as you might face unemployment (I know many of the good earners were drop outs, but let’s consider the case of normal people).

Remember, good education shall take you places. Working while in college should be considered a secondary priority and something that shall help you add on to your experiences in life. Keep studying hard, work hard for the extra buck too and don’t miss on partying hard.

About Author:
Orungootan Kabusa is a 2 ft & 60 cms tall Orangutan. He runs a student organisation named ‘TheStoodent’  which works for the students that need help in education & student scholarship. He believes Orangutans can change the world and not humans!! You can meet him on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

Written by thestoodent

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