Student Accommodation in Europe – Student Housing
Where do I stay once I am in Europe for studies?
Would it be expensive? How much I need to shell out?
Would my Scholarship pay for my accommodation too?
Who would be my roommates? Would I be able to get along with them?

This checklist and many other questions must be rolling in your mind about your accommodation in Europe or any other foreign country where you are going for studies. Often, you come across online student housing portals giving you a lot of nay say on things that you should do and you end up in a bad hostel or dorm. The best way to get a student accommodation is through the university or through your peers studying at the university.

We shall lay down a few pointers when you think of Student Accommodation:

1) Never say ‘YES’ right away

Stoodent accomodation

– Never mess up with the place you would be staying for the 3-4 odd years you shall be studying in a foreign country.
– Before saying ‘YES’ by just looking at photographs online or hearing it from someone, look for trusted resources and ask for their opinion.

2) University is the way to go

– Universities offer accommodation assistance to their students. This is the most legitimate and trustworthy way of finding an accommodation in Europe.
– Universities provide you communication channels online which shall help you connect with the hostel dean or house owners for details.

Here are some of the universities in Europe and their Links:
Manchester University:
University of Zadar :
London School of Economics :
The student population of Europe is expanding rapidly and the forecast is supposed to reach around 8 million by 2025. Accommodation through universities is a safe passage for getting a reliable place to stay.

3) Place in Vicinity

– As a student its important for you to be around in the campus for your studies. Make sure you don’t have a place that away from the campus.
– You can readily ask help of your hostel dean or student counselors for help in accommodation if needed.
– Europe is expensive when it comes to student accommodation. London and Paris would cost you a bomb compared to other cities.
– Having a scholarship which covers part of your accommodation shall work wonders for you and save your extra money.

Make sure you get the right place before you take off for your journey to Europe for studies. Having a great time at studies is very much related to the environment you have at your place & pals at your room.

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Kiana Haueser is a writer who works with TheSToodent. She is a mom of one daughter and is based out of New Jersey. She loves to write on student related topics and work for Charity. You can communicate with me via TheSToodent Facebook page.

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