How to survive a PhD in any discipline?
PhD or Doctorate is the highest level of education in any discipline & can be challenging and a daunting task for a student who wishes to climb the highest ladder in any discipline. Although challenging, the rewards can be a major milestone in your professional as well as personal life.
Normal PhD or doctorate study can vary between 3 to 5 years(there are people who have done it for more than 5 years too). You have to spend at least 50 to 80 hours an week depending on your discipline and the level of your involvement.

Lets lay down the essentials for surviving a PhD without costing you your kidney:

1) Plan your Day

– PhD is no rocket science if you plan your activities and day properly.
– Make sure you attain to what you were suppose to do according to your plan.
– Keep a note of all detailed research you have completed till now with citations for writing a thesis on the same. Many a times, students struggle to find relevant citations required to complete their thesis.
– You are investing an approx 8 hours a day working on research and writing your thesis, days can get lengthy. Plan a small breather every now and then.

2) Connect with Co-PhD students

– To make the journey smoother, its better you connect with your colleagues in the department.(Also connect with people other than PhD for a breather)
– It helps understand your progress and you can discuss the challenges you are facing.
– There is always a room for discovery when you start discussing topics of your research with fellow colleagues.

3) Respect Your Guide

– Guides come with more than 25 years of experience in their discipline. You should try to understand his important role in your PhD.
– Connect with him and ask him the challenges you are facing.
– Its been observed that once you connect with your guide, the journey can be an exploration worth taking.
– Don’t hestiate to question any theories even if they are contrary to your guide’s beliefs.
– A guide who is a professor, scientist or a laureate in his area of discipline gives a time slot every week to the student pursuing his PhD.
– Attaining to the schedule of the guides can get frustrating at times if the guide is a pretty busy scientist and attaining to 5 PhD students in a week.

4) Work on your thesis

– PhD thesis is where it all sums up. This is your road-map to achieving your PhD.
PhD thesis writing can be a task if not understood well. Try to find online guides that support students complete their PhD thesis at nominal costs.
– Read and present well. PhD thesis shall be the showcase of your research.

5) Connect with the Industry

– Remember after you complete your PhD, you need work. Why not prepare for it when pursuing your PhD?
– List all the companies that shall be your valid option after getting your PhD. Research about them, know what are their requirements.
– Try to connect with the Industry by the way of lab research engagements.

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