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While I was on my way back to home I heard this conversation of the few college students. Hey friends! Have you heard about statement of purpose? What does this mean? What all things are required for it? Why is it important? And many more question marks I could be able to see on their face. Their unawareness forced me to write and to provide the detailed information about writing statement of purpose.

Basically a statement of purpose means an application or a cover letter submitted to the schools or colleges in order to study in international institutions. It must be unique and at the same time to the point. The admission team must not get monotonous while reading your application. It must be written in an effective manner. Statement of purpose is the opportunity which will help you to build your career in your favorite zone. Hence, you have to be very clear and must be able to put a positive impact towards the admission team. After their approval, the doors are open for you to march ahead in your desired field.

Below are the few points to be noted while writing statement of purpose: 

1. The purpose of your statement of purpose must be crystal clear in your mind. It should have a convincing power and you must pen out all the best factors embedded in you.  Mention your brilliant academic performance or any project in which you have done your best. Make sure that what you are writing is a fact and not a forge statement, as keep in mind that the admission officers are not fools and you yourself will be trapped in your conspiracy. Here are the two samples mentioned, which will give you an idea while writing statement of purpose. First one will tell you what to avoid and the next one will make you aware of the correct manner of statement of purpose I am applying for library science at Oxford University as I think that I am fond of books and you will be certainly happy to
have you in your university.

If you guys think that you are writing your statement of purpose in this manner and are dreaming and waiting for their response or call. Then, unfortunately I would have to say that “No”, such writing won’t be appreciated at all. The flaws in the above statement are why to mention that you are applying for library science, as the main body of the Oxford University knows that the respective applicants are going to apply for that subject only.

Another thing is,
I am fond of books”, now, this is not the catchy one, or something out of the box, because the Oxford University must have received thousands of such applications in which every third applicant must have written that “I am fond of books”, why they will go for such cliché lines. Your statement of purpose must be something that shall help the person understand your thought and help coax them to have you at their university. These are some things that will be immediately noticed by the admission officers.

Statement of purpose

To avoid this, actual writing statement of purpose must go in this way:

“When I was eleven, my aunt passed away, but in her back she gave me huge collections of books and I used to read it in fond of her memory, from that time on wards I wanted to be a librarian”

Now such writing of statement will deliver a strong impact and the chances of getting positive response from their end will certainly increase.

2. Once you have done with your introduction with a bang, then just expand your objectives in more detail and open up with your ideas, frame your goals and dreams nicely. Mention that why you want to pursue your education in that particular university.

3. Highlight your strong points such as if you have handled any project individually, then include your experiences, narrate your work briefly and impressively. Be confident and grab the attention of the reader. The statement of purpose will depict that, are you eligible for taking such a long jump.
Now let us know some Do’s & Dont’s while writing statement of purpose. Below are the points which will certainly give you a clear thought about it.


  • Explain about yourself, your plus points, time management skills and your interest in particular field.
  • Convince the committee members about what you can do? And how excellent you can work?
  • Mention some staff members names with whom you would like to work and how they became an inspiration to you for joining this university
  • Explain your thoughts about that university and why you feel that it’s the right place for you


  • Your statement of purpose must be to the point. Lengthy application will not be considered and the committee members may find it monotonous to read it. As they have piles of applications to review, hence don’t make their job more tedious.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes as it would be a red flag to your application. Thus, see to it that while writing statement of purpose, they are error free.
  • Writing stories and being too sugary is not accepted
  • Giving assurity of something or making false commitments may backfire on you.
  • Negative opinion about anything or anyone will give you a minus point.
4. At the end, wrap up your statement of purpose by being honest and confident. Don’t get disappointed, in case if you are not that lucky person, as no one ever writes their first statement of purpose perfectly. Mark all the above points while writing statement of purpose and give your best stroke. Still if the decision fails to come up from your side, then remember the mistakes and don’t repeat it next time. Re-apply, as the saying goes “Try & Try till you succeed”. Next time, certainly you will come up with flying colors. We wish you all the best for your bright future!!
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