Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ways of Charity without Spending Money

Charity comes from the heart it’s not necessary to do charity you have to be rich or have lots of money. The charity wrapped with dignity. It's your call how you want to serve the needy people around you.

Following are few ways of charity you can do without spending money:

Blood donation

The gift of blood is the gift of life as it cannot be manufactured. The needy can get it only from the generous donation. It is the life circularity fluid and the lifeline for the patient seeking the blood. If you have age above 18 years you must donate the blood as such after the donation your body will recover the required amount of blood within 24 hours. A healthy person can donate blood at the interval of three months. This not only benefits the needy but also you as your body freshly generate the blood. 

Register for organ donation

Remember the time, when you get injured or suffer from any disease, how you feel? Uneasy, dependent, right? So can you imagine how difficult it can be to survive with any kind of physical disability?  People are not handicapped or get disordered by choice. Isn’t it great, if they get the organs? Registering yourself for the organ donation will surely help the needy. Hence, register yourself for the organ donation. It can be the one way to serve the needy.

Spend time with older people

Elderly people are not much fond of the luxury of the life what they really want somebody to accompany them. When you spend time with them it not only helps them to overcome their loneliness but also benefits you too. When you sit and chat with elderly people you get the wealth of knowledge, initially, we might feel the generation gap but later we will able to connect with them and find similarities. They give you a really different perspective on life. 

With the general wellbeing, you can improve the quality of life of people around you just by spending time with them or giving them attention. Isn’t it?

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